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  • Remove the plastic covering upon arrival home. Never store the box in plastic.
  • Wrap your box in plain white cotton sheet to protect from dust and dirt, yet allowing the box to breathe and prevent moisture buildup.
  • Store the box in a cool, dry, and dark place. Never store the box in a basement, attic, or a cupboard on an outside wall.
  • do not pile other objects on top of this box to avoid crushing the box.
  • Store the box laying flat. If the box is stored standing upright or on it’s side for long periods of time, the gown may shirft and settle inside.

You can view the gown through the acid-free window provided in the box. Never break the seal on this window. The protective cardboard cover is to be closed when not viewing the gown
We provide a 100% Lifetime Guarantee against caramelized sugar stains or yellowing of the gown.

Breaking the seal will void the guarantee and compromise the integrity of the preservation.

If the gown is to be re-worn, Barth’s Cleaning Centre will inspect and press the gown at no additional charge. After re-wearing cleaning and preservation charges will apply.
Always use white cotton gloves when touching the preserved gown as skin oils will transfer onto the gown.