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Fresh Gear

“Packages available from $24.95”

Features and Benefits

  • Only machine that  SANITIZES.
  • Goes in dry, comes out dry, ready to wear.
  • UV Ozone generation provides consistent ozone levels.
  • Variable Cycles Times (20 to 60 minutes) to ensure successful odor removal.
  • Proprietary ozone destruction technology enables optimum ozone levels and greatest bacteria kill rates.
  • Only machine that sanitizes sports equipment.
  • Same system used by NHL, OHL, NCAA teams and Hockey Canada.
  • Kills odor causing bacteria with the natural power of ozone.
  • Removes the odor caused by mold and mildew, in items like: boat seat cushions & sleeping bags.

Other Uses Include:

  • Removes smoke odor from items such as clothing, sleeping bags, canvas art work.
  • Removes body, and pet urine odor from clothes, boots & shoes.
  • Also can be used to sanitize work boots, ski boots, athletic shoes, police vests, helmets, motorcycle protective gear etc….