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Area Rugs and Carpets

FREE local pick up and delivery is available only at Barth’s!

A great way to accent your home or office is with area rugs however, through constant wear and tear, they can become faded, dirty, stained, discoloured, and looking less than impressive.
With a freshly cleaned rug, you can update the entire look and feel of your home or office.

A rug is a great way not only to protect the carpet or hardwood floors in the room, but it can also serve to inspire their imagination. Whether it be contemporary rugs with edgy designs and lines, or children’s rugs with racetracks, or cotton, wool, or something unique to you, Barth’s Cleaning Centre is here to help!

Because of the special equipment & large space required to care for area rugs, they are sent to our 3rd party professional area rug cleaners.